Care Management That Enables Your

Happy, Dignified, Quality, Life

Senior Care doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. We specialize in Creating Customized Plans with Advisors Who’ll Help You Age Gracefully.

You’re a unique person with style, preferences and challenges unlike any other.

That’s why your enABLE care management plan will honor that with flexibility and customization.

How do we do it?


First: we understand. You and your family are facing big changes and our first step to support you is with a ‘getting to know you’ conversation. What are your priorities? What are your goals? Why is this the right time for us to partner with you?

Second: Your dedicated Care Manager is selected from among expert aging advisors to work with you, focused on your specific goals.


However, that one Care Manager, after an in-depth conversation with you, brings the relevant insight and wisdom of our full, diverse team of aging advisors. After reviewing your situation, your needs, your desired achievement with our experts in health care, sociology, music therapy, nursing, gerontology, advocacy, family dynamics, diet and exercise, and more, our team becomes your team, devising the ideal services for your unique care program.


Read about our comprehensive approach to enhancing your life with our expertise and then let’s talk about how we could contribute to your family’s greater happiness. 


We know you may not be ready to engage a care manager for your beloved senior family member.


You may be taking a proactive look around to educate and prepare yourself before the need arises. Pretty smart!


There are so many ways that age affects you and those you love. Whether it’s diminished skills, illness or behavioral changes, your team at enAble is here to support you in the way that meets your needs and resources.


As an example, memory impairment can be a sign of what’s coming and noticing the small signs are what you’re best suited to do. Responding to them with a relevant plan is what we do best. So, if you want to get a sense of what may be changing and what may be developing for your loved one, take our brief quiz here.


Aging Advisors, also called ‘care managers’, can support you with a whole host of things. Most commonly (but not limited to), we’ve provided support with these 8 increasingly important elements in your life and the life of your aging loved one:

Care Managers can help with a whole host of things. The main areas we have been called upon for support include but are not limited to:

Caregiver Coordination

Agency or Private Caregivers? Who will come when? How many hours are needed? What should they do while they are there?

Move into Assisted Living

When is it time to move? What are the different housing options available? Which type of housing option is appropriate? How much should it cost?

Financial and Legal Planning

Will your aging loved one outlive their money? Questions about a will, trust, or Power of Attorney? Have you planned appropriately?

Crisis Intervention

Has something happened that changed the course of your plan? Was there no plan in place to begin with? Need immediate help sorting it all out and determining next steps?

Family Mediation

Having trouble deciding who will do what tasks for mom or dad? Family can’t decide on the best course or action or can’t agree on next steps?

Medical Coordination

Who is making sure doctor appointments are attended? What did the doctor really say or advise? Who implements any changes in treatment or medications? Are there cheaper drug options?

Advocating & Advising

Are you getting good advice? Is what you read in that online article accurate? Being told something that just doesn’t sound right? Need someone who knows to just run a few things by?

Holistic Well-being

Need someone to do a wellness check on a loved one? Looking for ways to stimulate or engage an isolated person? Concerned about depression, anxiety, or memory loss in a loved one?


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Learn more about our team-based philosophy of delivering home care to your loved one; listen to enABLE CEO/Founder Stephanie Peters in a recent interview here.


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