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You know the saying ‘It takes a village’? We believe it too! We take this approach in determining the ideal service you and your loved one receive. You’ll have a dedicated care manager, working towards the ‘north star’ in your life. What we mean by that is the brightest, optimal place of good health, healthy habits, engagement in a social life and past norms (exercise, hobbies, learning, etc) to the degree your loved one is able.


How we get there – how we determine what’s truly possible – is what makes us unique.  We slowly gather information – not just meds and health but her or his life. Your credentialed care manager is the ‘captain’ and behind the scenes we have special program managers who contribute their specialties where appropriate: dietician, music therapists, physical exercise, clinical consulting nurses, End of Life Doula – all the elements of a healthy life that can be achieved or maintained at your loved one’s stage of life. 


We incorporate ongoing assessments and a gradual implementation of specialty programs (either recommended by Enable or selected by you). We aim towards the long-term development of a fully integrated healthy life and warm relationships. Within the range of your selected care option, we’ll review the hobbies, habits, routines of a lifetime and make sure they are still part of your senior’s healthy, pleasurable life.


Additionally or separately, we offer a variety of other aging-related services that may be uppermost in your mind now; that includes:

Caregiver Coordination

Agency or Private Caregivers? Who will come when? How many hours are needed? What should they do while they are there?

Move into Assisted Living

When is it time to move? What are the different housing options available? Which type of housing option is appropriate? How much should it cost?

Financial and Legal Planning

Will your aging loved one outlive their money? Questions about a will, trust, or Power of Attorney? Have you planned appropriately?

Crisis Intervention

Has something happened that changed the course of your plan? Was there no plan in place to begin with? Need immediate help sorting it all out and determining next steps?

Family Mediation

Having trouble deciding who will do what tasks for mom or dad? Family can’t decide on the best course or action or can’t agree on next steps?

Medical Coordination

Who is making sure doctor appointments are attended? What did the doctor really say or advise? Who implements any changes in treatment or medications? Are there cheaper drug options?

Advocating & Advising

Are you getting good advice? Is what you read in that online article accurate? Being told something that just doesn’t sound right? Need someone who knows to just run a few things by?

Holistic Well-being

Need someone to do a wellness check on a loved one? Looking for ways to stimulate or engage an isolated person? Concerned about depression, anxiety, or memory loss in a loved one?


Medication Management

Are medications becoming an issue? Refills not getting picked up or doses being missed? Medication mismanagement is one of the top reasons for hospitalizations in older adults.

Nutrition Consultation

Have meals gone from fresh, home-cooked recipes to frozen dinners or ham and cheese sandwiches? Concerned about proper nutrition or lack of diverse meals? Our Registered Dietitian can help with meal planning, menu, grocery shopping lists, pantry clean-out, and even cooking sessions.

Exercise Consultation

Has the daily step count gone from 3,000 down to 300? Is mobility a concern? Is there constant worry about falls? Our Personal Trainer can work on strength, flexibility and fall prevention exercises.


Enrichment Engagement

Worried about isolation, depression or decreased social engagement? Has COVID only increased withdrawal from activities? Our activities specialist can implement a wide variety of engagement activities that are of interest to your loved one.

With enable Care Management, we believe senior care is not “one size fits all”. Not only can enABLE Care Managers help with a wide variety of tasks, but we also offer a range of flexible plans to meet your needs and budget. Our integrated team works together to ensure holistic, person-centered care and safety.

Champions of Chaos


We are honored to offer a free peer support virtual gathering every Wednesday at 12pm PST via Zoom. This is intended to be a place where the support system for someone aging or in decline get their own support and questions answered! This is open to anyone and completely free. Register here.

You may not realize that contemporary care management offers much more than the gerontologist your grandparents saw. We intend to gracefully guide your loved senior into elder age with all the skills, preferences and engagements that are right for her/him. That’s why we offer a broad range of services to encompass a whole life, such as those you see on this page. Any of these varied services, calling on a variety of professionals, can be incorporated in our 3 service plans. Learn more below:




We know you may not be ready to engage a care manager for your beloved senior family member. You may be taking a proactive look around to educate and prepare yourself before the need arises. Pretty smart! There are so many ways that age affects you and those you love. Whether it’s diminished skills, illness or behavioral changes, your team at enAble is here to support you in the way that meets your needs and resources.

As an example, memory impairment can be a sign of what’s coming and only you will notice the small signs of change. Responding to them with a relevant plan is what we do best. So, if you want to get a sense of what may be developing for your loved one, take our brief quiz here. (link to opt in for quiz) 
Question: does this service also provide for some initial assessment? Recommendations? Timeline for upgraded engagement?


Care Management:


Every meeting includes an assessment for what’s needed now. Care givers may handle the ‘boots on the ground’ tasks. But, you know what? Sometimes you need us to handle the medication schedule, do a wellness check, coordinate medical appointments or go for a cup of coffee. 

But really: whatever you want us to do, we will and if managing your wallet is key, we’ll bring in lower-cost, vetted providers for you. For example, your senior family member may need nutrition support, wellness exercises, have a doctor visit or even confirm you’re, using insurance benefits fully. Or, you want help with

bathing, feeding, shopping, arranging appointments or social activity. As I said, we’ll do all we can of what you ask. 


The enABLE Lifestyle


This is ongoing care management that goes beyond the medical, clinical or cognitive. It includes development or retainment of a full life’s activities and replenishment. We’ll perform an initial assessment for nutrition, exercise, nurse oversight, life enrichment, home safety and end of life doula; in short, we don’t just review your elder’s current state. We also review a history of a well lived life, one that encompasses all the social, spiritual, emotional realms that can still be pursued. 
Once assessed, we provide ongoing support, education and guidance for all activities and personal development that can maintain, restore or enhance a sense of wellbeing and strong social integration.

And, let me point out something we’re often asked: while we have the credentials, passions and ongoing education that are necessary to be expert in Care Management, we don’t look like doctors and nurses because your mom or dad don’t want people to think they’re ill.

Finally, please keep in mind: not all engagements are until death; sometimes short-term interventions or projects are what’s required to return your senior to former norms of health and routine.


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Enable GCM offers care management services, specializing in assisting with senior housing, for seniors and their families, and individuals with disabilities.


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