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Care Managers can help with a whole host of things. The main areas we have been called upon for support include but are not limited to:

Caregiver Coordination

Agency or Private Caregivers? Who will come when? How many hours are needed? What should they do while they are there?

Move into Assisted Living

When is it time to move? What are the different housing options available? Which type of housing option is appropriate? How much should it cost?

Financial and Legal Planning

Will your aging loved one outlive their money? Questions about a will, trust, or Power of Attorney? Have you planned appropriately?

Crisis Intervention

Has something happened that changed the course of your plan? Was there no plan in place to begin with? Need immediate help sorting it all out and determining next steps?

Family Mediation

Having trouble deciding who will do what tasks for mom or dad? Family can’t decide on the best course or action or can’t agree on next steps?

Medical Coordination

Who is making sure doctor appointments are attended? What did the doctor really say or advise? Who implements any changes in treatment or medications? Are there cheaper drug options?

Advocating & Advising

Are you getting good advice? Is what you read in that online article accurate? Being told something that just doesn’t sound right? Need someone who knows to just run a few things by?

Holistic Well-being

Need someone to do a wellness check on a loved one? Looking for ways to stimulate or engage an isolated person? Concerned about depression, anxiety, or memory loss in a loved one?


Medication Management

Are medications becoming an issue? Refills not getting picked up or doses being missed? Medication mismanagement is one of the top reasons for hospitalizations in older adults.

Nutrition Consultation

Have meals gone from fresh, home-cooked recipes to frozen dinners or ham and cheese sandwiches? Concerned about proper nutrition or lack of diverse meals? Our Registered Dietitian can help with meal planning, menu, grocery shopping lists, pantry clean-out, and even cooking sessions.

Exercise Consultation

Has the daily step count gone from 3,000 down to 300? Is mobility a concern? Is there constant worry about falls? Our Personal Trainer can work on strength, flexibility and fall prevention exercises.


Enrichment Engagement

Worried about isolation, depression or decreased social engagement? Has COVID only increased withdrawal from activities? Our activities specialist can implement a wide variety of engagement activities that are of interest to your loved one.


Need some questions answered or guidance as you go along? Just want to vent or need a sounding board? Our fully virtual TeleCare program is ideal for having an expert in aging literally in your back packet.

With enable Care Management, we believe senior care is not “one size fits all”. Not only can enABLE Care Managers help with a wide variety of tasks, but we also offer a range of flexible plans to meet your needs and budget. Our integrated team works together to ensure holistic, person-centered care and safety.

Wellness for the Mind

We call these our “Wellness for the Mind” packages because they are designed to give a helping hand just where it’s needed. These are short term, flexible options meant to help with one area of life where you could use a little assistance or guidance. 

  • Pick -Our-Brain Session: One hour with a Care Manager to answer questions, give resources, offer guidance
  • Projects Package: 6 hours with a Care Manager to be used as directed by the client
  • Placement Package: Assistance finding appropriate housing, discount given by community to offset cost

Wellness for Life

The service options in our “Wellness for Life” programs offer ongoing support, guidance, and assistance in all areas of life. These are long-term, ongoing options meant to significantly lighten your load. We also call these our “Peace of Mind” packages.

  • Ongoing Care Management: Ongoing support billed at an hourly rate, 4 hour per month minimum
  • TeleCare Program: 2 hours per month virtually with a Care Manager, on-call assistance, remote monitoring

Wellness for the Body

We call these our “Wellness for the Body” programs because they are focused on specialty areas that offer health and increased quality for the body. We offer programs that focus on Nutrition, Exercise, Medication Management, and Life Enrichment.

  • Initial assessment for Nutrition, Exercise, Medication Management, or Life Enrichment
  • Ongoing support, education, and guidance for Nutrition, Exercise, Medication Management, or Life Enrichment

Champions of Chaos

We are honored to offer a free peer support virtual gathering every Wednesday at 12pm PST via Zoom. This is intended to be a place where the support system for someone aging or in decline get their own support and questions answered! This is open to anyone and completely free. Register here.


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Enable GCM offers care management services, specializing in assisting with senior housing, for seniors and their families, and individuals with disabilities.


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